Tire Hulk

Tire Hulk is a robust multi-vendor platform app, that manages inventory, incorporates APIs, generates responsive websites, and handles an array of business functions. I managed the development of this platform, as well as concept and design of identity, all UI/UX design, research and functionality.

The three key objectives were: 1. Create an enterprise level platform with B2B and B2C components, for the automotive tire retail and tire service industries. 2. Make it scalable. 3. Develop the Tire Hulk identity. Through user research and stakeholder interviews, we discovered that while the tire industry was our main focus, this solution could also work for the entire automotive service industry.

Tire Hulk Low-fidelity Wireframe

The wireframing process started with a very low-fidelity prototype. This included very simple basic screens, but it was more important to ensure that the UX functionality was clearly communicated, as my clients were automotive industry service professionals who were not tech savvy.

Tire Hulk User Interface Iconography

In designing the icons, I stayed true to the types of visuals we’ve been accustomed to seeing all our lives. Though I’ve put my own spin on the style of the art, and types of imagery used, I also relied on the brand colors to make them more uniquely Tire Hulk’s.

Tire Hulk User Interface Design: Main Portal

Responsive is the operative word in approching the interface design. Every function needed to be accessable from any device . Tire Hulk is a startup with limited resources and larger than life offerings, therefore, creating and maintaining OS and Android platforms would have been too costly. The main focus of this app was to help mom-and-pop tire shops operate like the industry giants. The automotive services shop owner wouldn’t need to have an elaborate computer setup, as long as a device with Internet access was available, they could maintain a professional Web presence, manage inventory, market and reach customers.

Tire Hulk User Interface Design: Vendor Template

The user interface included 3 Vendor templates, which were; Tire Shop, Mechanic/Collision Shop, and Roadside Assistance. The platform was built to ensure the templates would be dynamic, hence, a Vendor who has selected a Tire Shop template could also preview their Mechanic/Collision Shop services with ease.

Tire Hulk User Interface Design: Vendor Template

The Vendor Dashboard was designed to be extremely user friendly. Customization is intuitive, and happens in real-time from a computer or mobile device; complete with API integrations. Users can effortlessly navigate a myriad of services under each category, and automatically create additional Web pages and links in the menu bar. Vendors are able to select theme color, modify or create service deals, upload photos or choose from existing galleries, upload inventory, etc.

Tire Hulk User Interface Design: Vendor Template

Every time a Vendor uploads a product it also populates the database in the main hub. Customers may search individual Vendor Websites or the main hub, therefore each vendor site is equipped with designated search engines. Product search results are displayed as shown below.

Branding Logo Design

With the current and future goals of the brand in mind, I started conceptualizing the look of the Tire Hulk logo. I felt the logo should visually represent the core purpose of the brand, which is 75% tire industry focused. I knew incorporation of recognizable tire imagery should be a key design component. With this in mind, I utilized tire tread imagery to form the “H” in Hulk. I also chose burnt orange as the primary color, as I needed a bold color which would set this brand apart from its competitors, and would work well if the logo was branded on rubber.

Branding Logo Design Final

Tire Hulk UX Research & Infographics

As the company sought investment funding, there was an increased need for charts and graphs to be incorporated into the business plan and other presentation materials. I was tasked with transforming qualitative and quantiative research, garnered from competitive analyses, stakeholder interviews and focus groups into unique infographics.

Tire Hulk: Dimensionalizing the Brand

In the long-term, Tire Hulk hopes to sell branded or co-branded tires and batteries. The branding was designed to be highly recognizable on a variety of products.